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Hom(e)age was a three year period looking at the  the human condition through the lenses of death as our common denominator for transformation. Death of bodies and ideas, literal and metaphorical, as growth. This was done through the exploration of the symbolic meanings of fish and the sea (water) as vehicles to reach our collective unconscious and raise awareness and consciousness  of conflict and displacement. Throughout the 3 years I collected, froze, defrosted and brought to life over 200 fish heads from the English Channel and Atlantic sea via Live performances and installations across events in the UK.


The project took the form of live performance, installation, song and Local Foreigner's clothing (see Local Foreigner). The answer to wether this has materialised in some way, lays with those present in the work. 

Spill festival, Ipswich 2016

Please go to minute 2.04 for relevant footage on video below


Buzzcut, Glasgow 2017


Wake festival, ]performance s p a c e [, 2017

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