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Sound Emergence is a Folkestone based small business offering individual and group experiences through sound meditations. 

What is a Sound Bath?
A Sound Bath (or Meditation) invites participants to sit or lie while listening to a sound journey created using gongs, singing bowls, monochord and other instruments. Research shows that one of the best ways to reduce stress, boost mood and improve overall mental and physical health is by spending more time in a parasympathetic state (a state of complete relaxation) during the work day. Are you able to give your employees this opportunity?

Our offering 

We can now come to your workplace and set up our sound bath experience in a location of your choice. Your colleagues can experience a meditative state without any experience required. Repeat sessions will kick-start a supportive routine, drive increased engagement and ensure your employees feel valued in their working life. The experience can be for groups from 10 to 100 and is suitable for all. Contact me about pricing for regular workplace sessions and special events

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